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Driven by the Ocean — is a sailing school accredited by International Sailing School Association (ISSA), successfully operating since 2020. Yachting is our profession. Our programs are honed by years of practice. Our experienced instructors will find an approach to everyone — from seasoned sailors to those who have only seen a yacht in a photograph.

After receiving the ISSA license, you will be able to fulfill your dream and independently go on a yacht trip with family or friends. You will enjoy sunrises in the most beautiful sea bays with white sand and incredible colors of water! Obtaining a captain’s license is easy — contact us today and start your sea adventure!


Lifelong Skipper License

The ISSA sailing yacht skipper license has no expiration date, unlike licenses from other schools. You will receive your skipper's license once and for all! And if, in the midst of battling the elements, the wind takes your card away - it can always be restored.

Flexible Learning Schedule

We strive to coordinate the learning schedule to make it convenient for everyone. If you are unable to attend a class, you can always catch up with another group or individually.

Online Learning

You can become a sailing yacht skipper from anywhere, even beyond the Arctic Circle. We study terminology, navigation basics, and everything you need to feel confident on the water online. Then you take tests and move on to practical sailing lessons.

Location Choice for Practice

For practical training, you can choose a location convenient for you from European marinas, where you can combine practice with a pleasant vacation. The most popular yacht clubs for our students are in Türkiye, Greece, Cyprus, and Spain.

Charter Consultations

If you are choosing a yacht for the first time and are unsure how to make the right choice, where to stop, how to plan your route, and what questions to ask — we will be happy to help you with all yacht-related questions!

Transparent Pricing Policy

The cost of the theory course is €250, and the weekly practice course is €1650. We can offer a pleasant price for your new superpower!

Content-rich training for future captains

interesting online courses

Our online courses will help you master the fundamentals of yachting and acquire the necessary skills, including:

intensive days of practice

Our weekly practice courses will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge in practice and learn:

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Инструктор и основатель школы Валерий Сушко

Valerii Suchko

Founder, and leading instructor of Driven by the Ocean. With over 30 years of experience in sailing and yachting, Valeriy has participated in major international regattas, world and European championships as a member of professional teams. He has extensive experience in chartering in different parts of the world, as well as teaching sailing to athletes. Valeriy has worked as a yacht captain instructor at one of Israel’s leading schools and as a captain on an 83-foot sailing yacht for a long time.


To become a yacht skipper, you need to obtain a skipper certificate from one of the international sailing schools. We recommend training with the International Sailing School Association (ISSA), which is recognized worldwide. Contact us to set up a convenient schedule for your theoretical training. After successfully completing the theory course, you can start with the practical part of the training. Our captain’s school will arrange a convenient location for your practice sessions. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate as a yacht captain. If you have any questions, we are always here to help!

To operate a yacht, you need to have the appropriate certification from an international sailing school, which is issued after completing the training and passing the exams. Anyone who has completed training with our school and obtained the relevant certification in accordance with the sailing conditions and the type of yacht can operate the yacht.

To operate a yacht, you need a skipper certificate (also known as a captain’s license or international yacht license) from one of the international sailing schools – ISSA, IYT, RYA, ASA or ICC. This document confirms that you have completed the appropriate training course and meet the qualification standards.

ISSA is one of the oldest associations that unites sailing schools from around the world. Unlike licenses from other sailing schools, ISSA certificates have no expiration date. This means that you can enjoy your leisure time and adventures without worrying about regularly taking exams. Our school for captains provides exactly these kinds of certificates.

Driven by the Ocean captain school offers a two-part training program. The theoretical part consists of 10 online lessons, each lasting one hour, held twice a week. The practical part consists of 7 days of intensive training, conducted daily from 9:00 to 16:00, depending on weather conditions.

Our sailing school organizes practice sessions in the main locations located in Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Spain. These places are the most popular for charter and are perfect for full-fledged practice.

Driven by the Ocean captain school offers lower tuition fees than most other schools. We do not spend money on advertising and renting premises, which allows us to offer more affordable prices. We open the door to yachting, the cost of which is incomparably small compared to the feeling of happiness and harmony that sailing gives. The theoretical course costs 250€. After payment, you gain access to the study chat where lessons are planned, and detailed instructions and educational materials are given. The practical part of the course costs 1350€, and additional expenses may arise depending on the location of the practice, such as flights and meals.

The cost of the course includes theoretical and practical classes, as well as the preparation of ISSA documents. However, please note that additional expenses such as air tickets, overnight stays in marinas and bays, onboard or restaurant meals, fuel, and final yacht cleaning are not included in the course fee and may vary depending on the location and preferences of the team.

Our sailing school offers to start yachting training with the Inshore Skipper qualification. With this certification, you can operate a sailing yacht up to 24 meters long, day and night, with a limit of 20 miles from the shore. You will also receive an international VHF Radio Operator certificate, which allows you to communicate via radio at sea. With these documents, you can rent a yacht in almost any marina around the world.

You will receive your license in less than three weeks after completing the theoretical and practical courses. After passing the final exams and paying the fees, a courier will deliver your sailboat skipper certificate to you.

Driven by the Ocean Captain School also offers more advanced levels of training after Inshore Skipper, including Offshore Skipper with a limit of 80 miles from the shore and Master of Yacht with no restrictions on the distance from the shore. You can also obtain an Inshore Power Skipper license and ride a motor yacht between sailing regattas.

The ISSA International Skipper Certificate has no expiration date, so you will receive it for life. This means that after completing the training in our school and successfully passing the exams, you can freely operate a sailboat without a certificate expiration date.

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Driven by the Ocean Sailing School


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